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Ribbed nut
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Ribbed nut

W-0263, steel 10, zinc flake silver with lubrication (green)

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From M12 with fine thread (thread pitch 1.5 mm)


Complies with the EU End of Life Vehicles Directive


  • ZFSHL: Zinc flake coating with lubrication that alters the friction coefficient (friction coefficient: 0.09–0.14)

  • Lubricant-stained

Corrosion resistance

M5 approx. 240h/≥ M6 approx. 480h/≥ M10 approx. 720 hours of base metal corrosion according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSSg

Working principle of locking ribs

During tightening, the locking ribs roll the counter-material in the area of the nut contact surface. This causes a plastic deformation that hardens the surface. No significant settling is determined at the end of tightening. The locking ribs limit the amount of settling of the connection and therefore reduce the loss of pretensioning force.


The specified corrosion resistances apply for the corrosion tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS (salt spray mist testing), at the earliest 24 h after coating in the "as coated" state, i.e. before sorting, packaging, transporting and/or assembly. These values can be reduced through inevitable handling and assembly processes. A transfer of the corrosion resistances from the salt spray mist test to real assembly and operating conditions is not possible in the majority of cases. When designing a connection, both the combined materials and any coatings and the environmental conditions during operation must be considered by the designer when selecting a suitable corrosion protection coating.