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Thread formers HSCo Multi Performance, DIN 2174
Thread formers HSCo Multi Performance, DIN 2174 - 1
Thread formers HSCo Multi Performance, DIN 2174 - 2
Thread formers HSCo Multi Performance, DIN 2174 - 3

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Thread formers HSCo Multi Performance, DIN 2174

The high-performance thread former with oil grooves (from ∅M3) for versatile use on almost all machines (for the first time, also on free-standing, pillar drills) and in almost all materials, e.g. conventional steels, stainless steels (e.g. V2A, V4A), titanium, heat-resistant and high-strength steels of up to 1400 N/mm2 strength. Also suitable for non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, aluminium alloys and bronze.

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The first thread former not solely for conventional use on CNC machining tools and turning machines owing to its newly developed shank generation, but bringing the advantages of thread forming over thread cutting to application on free-standing and pillar drilling machines for the first time (up to ∅ M12).

  • One tool for throughhole and blind hole threads

  • No chipping issues due to cold forming of threads

  • Production of thread depths up to 4xD

  • Better thread surface finish

  • Greater strength in thread

  • Significantly higher service life

  • Absolutely process-reliable threads

Newly developed shank generation with a combination of polygon and straight shank (from ∅ M4-M12)

The polygon shaft prevents turning in the drill chuck, ensures optimal power transmission and protects the drill chuck from damage.

Newly developed tool geometry for versatile use in almost all materials

TiN coating

Due to its universal application area, the most common coating on thread formers, ensures a very high service life and reduced friction values.

New lubrication groove geometry

The optimised lubrication grooves (from ∅ M3) significantly improve the lubrication effect in the contact area.

X allowance for increased service life and process reliability

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  • Caution: A special predrilling diameter larger than in thread cutting and with tighter tolerances is required for thread forming! The suitable core hole diameter is stored as a technical characteristic for all thread formers.

  • In thread forming, the main job of the cooling lubricant is lubrication. The more lubrication used with the highest possible grease content, the longer the service life. The lubrication also affects the surface quality of the thread! For water-mixed cooling lubricants, we recommend an oil concentration in the emulsion of at least 8% for steel processing and at least 12% for stainless steel processing. We recommend Würth cutting paste Cut and Cool Perfect for use on free-standing/pillar drills.

  • Please note that for thread forming, you will need approx. two times as much performance (torque) compared to thread tapping. The means that capacity should be considered when using thread-cutting devices.

  • For the tool/material assignments, see the overview tables