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Ergonomic scoop
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Ergonomic scoop

Durable, ergonomic scoop for transporting large quantities of ingredients or food waste

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Available in 13 versions

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Ergonomic design and thick grip

  • Curved design in 2 positions, resulting in a significant improvement to working position

  • The ergonomic handle is reinforced by an aluminium tube inside

  • The handles provide a firm grip without unnecessary strain on the hand muscles

  • Excellent for left- and right-handers

  • Insulated handle also allows the scoops to be used comfortably in cold environments

Special scraping edge

The scoop blade has a special scraping edge for easy removal of more stubborn dirt

Different versions

  • Different sizes of scoop blades to accommodate different quantities

  • Different grip lengths

FDA-compliant raw materials

  • Specially for use in food processing

  • Halal and kosher-compliant

Hygienic design for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Dishwasher safe (at max. 93°C)

  • Can be sterilised in an autoclave (max. 121°С)

Fully coloured and available in different colours

  • Different colours reduce the risk of cross contamination

  • This facilitates compliance with the HACCP system and the allergen prevention procedure

Free from phthalates and bisphenol A