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Nylon abrasive fleece disc
Nylon abrasive fleece disc - 1
Nylon abrasive fleece disc - 2

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Nylon abrasive fleece disc

With cloth plate. Cleaning welding seams, metal surfaces, wood and plastic.

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Coarsely structured, elastic, abrasive cleaning sanding fleece made of a special combination of synthetic fibres and evenly embedded abrasive grains (silicon carbide).

Design and properties:

  • flexible, open fleece structure

Ideal adjustment to workpiece geometry for optimum surface contact.

Minimal clogging with surface dust

Uniform, reproducible sanding results

Reduced heat development - cool grinding

  • Continuous exposure of fresh abrasive grain

Uniform, consistent working results and a clean, residue-free surface

  • Easy-to-handle sanding power

Minimised risk of damaging workpiece surface or removing too much material

  • Free of metals susceptible to corrosion

No contamination of material surface

For use on electric drills, straight grinders and flexible shafts

Plastic support flanges can be broken off in steps

For direct use on angle grinders

No additional support plate required

150-mm dia. for use on 180-mm angle grinders


General working and safety precautions:

The maximum permissible speeds may not be exceeded.

Work only with appropriate protective equipment, such as safety goggles, gloves, hearing protection etc.

Caution: Coarse cleaning sanding fleeces are not suitable for edge sanding. Therefore, only sand along and not against material edges!

Observe operating instructions.