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Neutral silicone Perfect

Low-emission, highly adhesive and versatile sealant for expansion joints in indoor and outdoor areas. Specially designed for window glazing and sanitary applications

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  • The silicone sealant is MEKO-free and is therefore classified as low-emission and environmentally friendly and has been awarded the EMICODE EC1 Plus label

  • Meets the requirements for window glazing in accordance with DIN 18545, Part 2, Sealant Group E

  • Excellent adhesion to wood, metals and many plastics

  • Excellent compatibility with most commercially available paint and glazing coatings

  • Building material class B2 according to DIN 4102

  • Does not have a tacky surface

  • High degree of abrasion resistance and good smoothing properties

  • Permanently elastic

  • Short stringing

Our products featuring the EMICODE label are low emission/environmentally compatible. The EMICODE classification system awards labels to construction products that comply with the very stringent health and environmental requirements of recognised institutes.


The slightly milky colour of the transparent version is an indication of the excellent quality of the silicone and is related to the composition of the silicone. Perfect neutral silicone is not suitable for adhesive bonding or filling cavities. Due to the large number of varnish and glazing formulations available, always carry out your own tests on the area first, especially on alkyd resin paints and powder-coated aluminium. Remove excess smoothing agent on glass and frames immediately after application to avoid smearing.

Perfect neutral silicone can be used for sealing between frames and laminated glass. When applying the sealant, make sure that there is no direct contact between the sealant and the laminated glass film. Risk of yellowing on contact with white alkyd resin paints cannot be excluded. When hardening, Perfect neutral silicone gives off an odour typical of silicone. This odour is no longer present once the curing process is complete.

With larger joint dimensions, the silicone-like odour may be present for longer. Colour finish: matt. Silicone has a tendency to discolour in dark areas where there is no UV exposure. Avoid contact with VKP tape.

Contact with substances containing plasticiser (e.g. butyl/bitumen) can cause discolouration of the silicone.

Material incompatibilities can lead to discolouration of the sealing joints, especially in the case of transparent and white sealing compounds. Experience has shown that colouration effects on the sealing joint cannot be ruled out on surfaces coated with alkyd resin paint and/or similar coating systems. In addition, emissions from the surfaces to be sealed and influences from the direct ambient atmosphere, such as vapours, dust and smoke (especially tobacco smoke), may have negative effects on the colouring of the sealing joint. The vapours from the materials mentioned usually originate from primers, solvents, disinfectants, cleaning agents and/or surface treatments.

Cleaning tips:

Wait at least three days before thoroughly cleaning the silicone joint to ensure that the sealant is fully cured. Also note:

  • 1. Do not rub dry or polish sealant joints with a chamois.

  • 2. Clean windows only with a damp cloth, preferably with water and a standard non-abrasive cleaning agent that does not contain solvents.

  • 3. Use a soft cloth.

  • 4. Only apply gentle pressure when cleaning (especially when cleaning new joints).

  • 5. Remove severe contamination (e.g. soot) from the sealant joint using spirit.

Meets the requirements of DIN EN 15651 Parts 1/2/3 Sealants for façade elements/glazing/sanitary joints

  • Fire behaviour: Class E

  • Stability under load: < 3 mm

  • Volume loss: < 10 %

  • Adhesion/expansion under pre-stress after being immersed in water: Passed

  • Adhesion/expansion on exposure to heat, water and artificial light: Passed

  • Elastic recovery: ≥ 70 %

  • Tensile stress value for tensile behaviour: < 0.4 MPa

EMICODE EC1plus: Very low emissions: The EMICODE classification system distinguishes the environmental and health compatibility of construction products. The lowest-emission products bear the EC1plus mark.

The usage instructions are recommendations based on the tests we have conducted and our experience; carry out your own tests before each application. Due to the large number of applications and storage and processing conditions, we do not assume any liability for a specific application result. Insofar as our free customer service provides technical information or acts as an advisory service, no responsibility is assumed by this service except where the advice or information given falls within the scope of our specified, contractually agreed service or the advisor was acting deliberately. We guarantee consistent quality of our products. We reserve the right to make technical changes and further develop products.