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Heavy-duty flat connector

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Heavy-duty flat connector

Robust flat connector for narrow wood/wood joint connections for transferring high loads (e.g. timber frame or truss connections)

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  • High load-bearing capacity

  • Narrow design

  • Tensile strength Rm ≥ 295 N/mm²

  • Breaking elongation A80 ≥ 22%

  • Sheet metal hot-dip galvanised on both sides (DX51D + Z275 [approx. 20 µm]) in line with EN 10346:2009

  • Application in utilisation classes 1 and 2 in line with EN 1995:2013

Can be used to secure against uplift loads in combination with threaded rods, bolts or ASSY 3.0 Combi screws. 2 perforated plates and identical wood widths must be used for each connection.

Allowance must be made for eccentricity in one-sided connections.

Nail edge clearances and bolt intervals must be observed in line with EC5.

The nails must be arranged symmetrically with the axis of the centrally applied force.

Diameter of bolts, screws and dowel pins may only be max. 2 mm smaller than the diameter of the hole.

The respective basic conditions of the applicable anchor approval must be observed.

Available work documents:

Load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page www.wuerth.de/holzverbinder.

CE marking in line with EN 14545:2009-02