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WÜTOP® film adhesive

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WÜTOP® film adhesive

Tested system adhesive for permanent sealing of vapour retarders/barriers indoors without a clamping batten in accordance with DIN 4108-7/SIA 180

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Approved tightness of 600 Pa pressure difference

Air and wind tightness tests performed by the Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart in combination with WÜRTH vapour retarders/barriers are available.


No foul-smelling vapours. Odourless and physiologically harmless once hardened.

Highly adhesive and flexible

Permanently joins vapour retarders/ barriers to construction-related dry surfaces and is permanently elastic for absorbing movement.

Broad adhesive range

For bonding a wide range of vapour retarders/barriers on all common building joints

Can be used across a wide range of temperatures

Can also be applied at external and surface temperatures down to -5°C . Adhesive temperature from +10°C.

  • Resistant to UV radiation, weathering and ageing

  • Silicone-free

  • Stable

  • Resistant to freezing down to -30°C

  • Contains no formaldehyde, chlorine or heavy metals

  • High degree of moistening properties, even on uneven surfaces

  • Can also be used for reinforced papers and fleeces
  • Detached bonds can be joined together once again due to the self-adhesive properties of the adhesive film.

  • When working at temperatures below +15°C, you are advised to work with professional glue gun art. no.: 0891 300 310.

  • The hardened WÜTOP® adhesive film is largely highly water resistant, however you should avoid working with it in places where humidity levels are always high, e.g. swimming pools or other wet areas.

German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

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