Commercial vehicle windscreen wiper
Commercial vehicle windscreen wiper - 1
Commercial vehicle windscreen wiper - 2

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Commercial vehicle windscreen wiper

Extremely robust solid metal design for utility vehicles

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Art.-no. Length Comparison number Quantity PU
550 mm SWF 132550/132560, Bosch 3397018155/3397018156, Bosch Kurznummer 55/56, Champion T55001/T55H02/T55H04/T55S02, Trico TX550
1 pcs
600 mm SWF 132600, Bosch 3397018162, Bosch Kurznummer 62, Champion -, Trico TX600
1 pcs
600 mm SWF VW15 Valeo), Bosch 3397118309, Bosch Kurznummer 609, Champion X60W, Trico TX603
1 pcs
650 mm SWF 132650, Bosch 3397018165, Bosch Kurznummer 65, Champion T65H02/T65S04, Trico TX650
1 pcs
650 mm SWF VM206 (Valeo), Bosch 3397001725, Bosch Kurznummer 725, Champion X65W, Trico TX653
1 pcs
700 mm SWF 132701/132702, Bosch 3397002918/3397018170/3397018171, Bosch Kurznummer 70/71/72, Champion T70H02/T70H04/T70S04, Trico TX700
1 pcs
700 mm SWF -, Bosch 3397004080, Bosch Kurznummer N74, Champion -, Trico TX703
1 pcs
800 mm SWF 132801, Bosch 3397018180, Bosch Kurznummer 80, Champion T80S04, Trico TX800
1 pcs
900 mm SWF 132900, Bosch 3397018190, Bosch Kurznummer 90, Champion T90S04, Trico TX900
1 pcs
900 mm SWF 132901, Bosch 3397018191, Bosch Kurznummer 191, Champion -, Trico TX901
1 pcs
1000 mm SWF 132000, Bosch 3397018199, Bosch Kurznummer 100, Champion T100S04, Trico TX1000
1 pcs
1000 mm SWF 132001, Bosch 3397018198, Bosch Kurznummer 101, Champion -, Trico TX1001
1 pcs

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Double corrosion protection

Thanks to galvanized metal parts and protective paintwork

Smear-free cleaning

Even micro-fine droplets with micro-double edge cut to exactly 1/100 mm

High resistance of rubber blade

To environmental influences such as UV and ozone