Wedge anchor W-ED/S

Wedge anchor W-ED/S steel zinc plated

Art.-no. 09045

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Wedge anchor W-ED/S

Art.-no. 09045

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x100 pcs
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Female thread anchor with metric thread for anchoring in concrete, galvainsed steel
  • Small drill hole depth

  • High load-bearing capacities

  • Visual setting check and hand protection when installing with the marking/expander tool

  • Mechanical setting tool makes installation quicker and easier

  • Immediate load-bearing capacity – no waiting

  • Attached part can easily be removed at any time

  • The attached part can be anchored with a fastening screw or a threaded rod

  • No installation torque required

  • The stop bit used with the attachable expander tool makes it quicker and easier to install. The matching drill holes make the installation even more secure.

Drive-in anchor W-ED/A4 see [13.2]

Drive-in anchor W-ED, M12 (for core drills), and W-ED, DW15, see [13.3]

ETA-02/0044 for individual attachment, option 7, non-cracked concrete

ETA-05/0120 for multiple attachment of non-load-bearing systems, non-cracked and cracked concrete, M6–M16

Fire resistance: F30, F60, F90 and F120; exposure to fire according to DIN 4102-2:1977-09 (uniform temperature-time curve)

Fire resistance: R30, R60, R90 and R120; TR020 (included in ETA-05/0120)

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Application area

Individual attachment: Standard concrete C20/25 to C50/60 (non-cracked concrete)

Multiple attachment: Anchorage of non-load-bearing systems (M6–M16, cracked and non-cracked concrete)

  • E.g. threaded rods, metal structures, metal profiles, grilles, cable conduits, pipes, mounting rails etc.

Can be used in concrete < C20/25 and compression-proof natural stone (without approval)

May only be used in dry indoor room conditions

Anchor diameter

5 mm

Anchor length (L H)

25 mm

Min./max. required screw-in depth

6-10 mm




Zinc plated

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

8 mm

Drill hole depth (h 0)

25 mm

Effective anchoring depth (h ef)

25 mm

Torque during anchoring (T inst)

3 Nm

Through-hole in the component to be connected (d f)

6 mm



Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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