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Underlays WÜTOP® Thermo ND Plus

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Underlays WÜTOP® Thermo ND Plus

The perforation-proof polyester roof protection film

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The WÜTOP Thermo ND Plus is a highly vapour-permeable polyester-based underlay membrane and roof protection film with a special coating. It is laid directly on the heat insulation or formwork of ventilated and non-ventilated pitched roofs.

Secured against perforation in accordance with ETA-17/0206

Self-seals around nail punctures on pressure-resistant surfaces (tested at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics).


Polyester fleece with special coating


Polyester is an extremely weather-resistant material, offers excellent resistance against UV radiation, and is temperature resistant up to 120°C. The special coating is non-slip and can be securely bonded.

Saves time and money

Self-seals around nail punctures saving huge amounts of time and money. Easy and fast installation thanks to integrated adhesive strips.

Special version for slate

Suitable as a preliminary covering for slate roofs according to German Central Association of the Roofing Trade.


Please note the installation instructions for this product.

European Technical Assessment ETA-17/0206


Meets the requirements specified in the German Central Association of the Roofing Trade product data sheet for class UDB-A/USB-A

Perforation-proof in accordance with ETA-17/0206

In accordance with the Technical University of Berlin test certificate and the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics test reports no. P-06-186-2015 and P-06-187-2015 (each based on DIN EN 13111; 2001-08), the product is classified as perforation-proof (nail-proof) and resistant to driving rain as defined by these test reports. Note: Both systems were tested for test reports P-6-186-2015 (without nail sealing tape) and P-6-187/2015 (with nail sealing tape). The Wütop Thermo ND Plus showed sufficient resistance to nail punctures. The following construction-related conditions must be met:

  • Fasten counter battens (30/50) with min. 3.1 x 90 nails (smooth) or 2.8 x 80 (grooved)

  • Install dry counter battens (S10, <20M%)

  • No staples in the surface area of the strip; alternatively, these staple points can be sealed afterwards with a suitable adhesive tape