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Sweeping compound DUST-SAFE®

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Sweeping compound DUST-SAFE®

Readily biodegradable sweeping compound for construction sites and businesses

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  • Absorption and binding of dust, dirt and impurities such as quartz powder

  • For cleaning construction sites, e.g. after renovation work

  • User-friendly

  • Easy disposal, as it is readily biodegradable

  • Absorption of liquids up to approx. 5 times its own volume

  • Economical use and long range

  • Application temperature between -3°C to +50°C

  • No toxic components

  • Pleasant scent

  • No substances used that are subject to labelling

Quantity requirement examples

The examples were determined in rooms with a size of approx. 30 m2 with high dust formation and calculated back to 1 m2:

  • Screed rough (untreated): approx. 55 g/m2

  • Screed smooth (untreated): approx. 40 g/m2

  • Screed sealed: approx. 30 g/m2

  • Industrial floors: approx. 25 g/m2

  • Tile (standard tiling): approx. 20 g/m2

  • Stone floors (granite): approx. 20 g/m2

  • Wood (sealed parquet): approx. 15 g/m2

Please keep in mind: DUST-SAFE® contains water, albeit forming a gel - if the area to be cleaned is sensitive to moisture, it is essential to check for suitability in advance in a suitable location. The values given are guideline values and are not consumption specifications. These may vary depending on the area to be treated, personnel, individual task requirements and other environmental variables, in some cases significantly.