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Retouching wax, assortment
Retouching wax, assortment - 1
Retouching wax, assortment - 2

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Retouching wax, assortment

For filling and at the same time retouching fine scratches, small holes and abrasions.

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Large choice of colours

Suitable colours for a wide range of different wood tones.

Easy to apply

Fast and easy filling of small scratches, cracks and open joints.

Colours can be mixed with each other

For optimum adaptation of the colour to the surface.

Cost-effective repair work

Instead of replacing or undertaking time-consuming new surface treatment of the entire surface.


Suitable for indoor use.

Please follow the application instructions included with each assortment pack precisely.

Please note that wood has a natural colour which is dependent on many different factors (e.g. origin, exact type of tree, surface treatment etc.). Therefore, an inconspicuous touch-up can never be carried out with a single wax colour.

The above application instructions are recommendations given on the basis of our own tests and experience. We recommend that you carry out your own tests before use. Due to the great variety of different applications and storage and processing conditions, we cannot guarantee a particular application result. We will not accept legal liability for any advice or technical information provided by our free customer hotline unless this advisory service and/or technical information is part of the contractually agreed performance owed by us, or the customer service employee acted willfully or intentionally. We guarantee the consistent quality of our products and reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements.