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Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 1
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 2
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 3
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 4
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 5
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 6
Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R - 7

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Post support bracket D-F-H/R3R

Robust, height-adjustable post support bracket with anchor bolts and flat carrier plate mount

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  • Ideal for heavy structures with dark timbers in dry areas with extremely high aesthetic requirements.

  • Concealed post support bracket with carrier plate mount and cover sleeve for base thread for extremely high aesthetic requirements

  • Height adjustment range 145 mm to 210 mm (also in installed state)

  • High-quality, dark zinc-iron coat with high resistance to ageing and weather

  • Bracket material: steel S 235 JR in line with EN 10025-2:2005-04

  • Base material: steel S195T in line with EN 10255:2007

  • Surface: high-quality zinc-iron coat (R3R); coat thickness 8 µm

  • Utilisation class: application in utilisation classes 1 and 2

ETA 13/0029 specifications must be observed.

Diameter of bolt may only be max. 1 mm smaller than the diameter of the hole.

The respective basic conditions of the applicable anchor approval must be observed.

Available work documents:

Load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page www.wuerth.de/holzverbinder.

European technical approval ETA 13/0026