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Polishing pads

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Polishing pads

Polishing pads in different abrasive grades

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Maximised effect with minimised wear

Grooving (spiderweb structure) of surface greatly increases surface area. This allows much more polish to be absorbed, delivering greater removal rate and extending the performance of the abrasive polishing grains.

Open-pored foam for consistent removal rate and maximum duration of use.

The polishing pads are made from high-quality open-pore foam. The open pore structure and grooved surface allow heat produced during polishing to be ideally dissipated.

Greater flexibility over any body shape

Thanks to rounded edges, the polishing pads adapt to any shape or curvature of vehicle and prevent new paint irritation owing to the intelligent geometry.

Harmonious polishing results

The 145-mm and 170-mm diameters provide a drill hole for fast, convenient and perfect centring.

User friendly

Polishing pads easily removed from riptape plate due to edge bevel at the edge of the riptape.