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Mounting bracket VWM, complete

Mounting bracket with insulation block for the VWM pre-wall installation system for installing windows in front of the supporting wall in the insulation layer

  • Material: Functional material based on PU rigid foam
  • Colour: Beige
  • Building material class/conditions: E / in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
  • Heat conductance λ / conditions: 0.096 W/(m*K) / in accordance with DIN EN 12667
  • Min./max. temperature resistance: -50 to 100 °C
  • Resistance against: Humidity, Rot, Fungi, Termite, Common building materials, Rotting
  • Load-carrying capacity per m: 200 kg
  • Shelf life from production/conditions: 24 Month / dry storage area
  • Material of insulation: Extruded polystyrene - XPS
  • Colour of insulation: Red
  • Building material class of insulation / conditions: B1 / in accordance with DIN 4102
  • Heat conductance λ insulation / conditions: 0.034 W/(m*K) / in accordance with DIN EN 12667
  • Resistance (insulation) against: Common building materials
  • Solvent resistance (insulation): No

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Art.-no. Dimension VWM Material thickness Average U-value Content (rm) Quantity PU
80 x 80 x 1200 mm 30 mm 0.51 W/(m²*K) 12 m
10 pcs
140 x 90 x 1200 mm 30 mm 0.27 W/(m²*K) 4.8 m
4 pcs
160 x 110 x 1200 mm 50 mm 0.27 W/(m²*K) 3.6 m
3 pcs
180 x 110 x 1200 mm 50 mm 0.27 W/(m²*K) 3.6 m
3 pcs
200 x 110 x 1200 mm 50 mm 0.27 W/(m²*K) 3.6 m
3 pcs

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VWM mounting bracket made from PUR composite with a high load-bearing capacity, together with associated insulation block

Comprehensively tested pre-wall installation system (system test by ift Rosenheim)

  • Overhang of 80 mm to 200 mm can be implemented

  • Simple integration into ETICS through supplied insulation block, VWM mounting bracket can be directly plastered over

  • Reduction of constructive thermal bridges

  • Meets the requirements of the EnEV

  • Mounting bracket can be used flexibly for different window sizes

  • Cutting of mounting bracket with conventional mitre saw

  • Simple assembly and attachment of window element

  • Secure load transfers on common application surfaces through combined bonded and mechanical attachment

  • Optimum and economical sealing of window connection joint within the level of the mounting bracket

  • Optimum noise protection

  • Window replacement in case of renovation or repair without damaging the façade/ETICS possible
  • Observe the RAL guidelines on assembly and planning of windows and house doors when planning and assembling (art. no. 5995 000 000).

  • Mount according to RAL guidelines Special Case 1. If there are any special requirements, it may be necessary to consider Special Case 2.

  • It is important to check that installation has been performed correctly for the specific construction conditions (e.g. weight of window casement, surface properties). When planning and selecting suitable fasteners, their properties (e.g. application surface, edge spacings, loads) need to be taken into account.

  • To attach fall-proof glazing in accordance with DIN 18008-4, additional suitable and approved securing systems such as the W-ABZ window installation rail (art. no. 0479 740 XXX) must be used. Alternatively, approval is required for each individual case.

  • Instructions for processing can be found in the processing guidelines/mounting instructions.

  • Technical data and other product documentation can be found in the online shop.

VWM pre-wall installation system test (ift Rosenheim, test report 16-000444-PR01)

  • Component testing and fitness for purpose testing for a mounting system in line with MO-02/1

  • Component testing and fitness for purpose testing for a sealing system in line with MO-01/1

  • Component test of mechanical security

  • Load-bearing capacity of the AMO- III spacing assembly screw in the VWM mounting bracket

  • Fire behaviour in accordance with EN 13501-1, class E

Component testing of the VWM pre-wall installation system (ift Rosenheim, test report 16-002416-PR01)

  • Two-leaf glazed plastic door, 1960 mm x 1960 mm, casement weight: 69 kg

  • Projection of 200 mm on masonry made of sand-lime brick

  • Must only be secured mechanically using a W-UR 10 plastic frame anchor

  • Additional vertical load: 800 N (class 4)

  • Wind load: class 3

  • Durability testing: 10,000 cycles (class 2)

Proof of joint sound insulation

(ift Rosenheim, test report 15-000431.PR02)