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Installing and sealing windows and doors
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Installing and sealing windows and doors

Reference book for installing and sealing windows and doors

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Over the past three decades, the window has evolved from a single-glazed frame construction to complex construction element.

It is an essential part of a functional building envelope and its design must take into account aspects of acoustic insulation, moisture protection, thermal insulation and burglary protection.

This has also resulted in more stringent demands being placed on window installation methods due to the use of modern wall materials with better thermal insulation properties and increased porosity, window brackets with ever-increasing depths, larger and heavier glass panes, multiple glazing and the introduction of new standards.

Practical experience alone is no longer sufficient for handling these new installation conditions.

This book sets out and explains the current regulations using comprehensive examples from real-life planning and design applications and from testing and product development. Using case studies and ample background information, the authors offer solutions for installing and sealing connection joints between windows or doors and various base materials, both in new buildings and in existing buildings. The book also provides very concise answers to frequently asked questions about current building laws. An annex containing construction details and an extensive bibliography round off the work.

In summary, it is clear that there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. When renovating old buildings, it is often only possible to make decisions about how to install windows and doors after assessing the conditions on site.

Readers working in the planning, design and education sectors can benefit from the rich experience of the authors and help to ensure the safe and long-lasting installation of windows and doors.



Jürgen Küenzlen, Marc Klatecki, Thomas Kuhn, Eckehard Scheller, Rainer Becker, Thomas Stein