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Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4
Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4 - 1
Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4 - 2
Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4 - 3
Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4 - 4

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Internal thread anchor W-VIZ-IG/A4

For injection systems W-VIZ-IG/A4 (concrete). A4 stainless steel

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  • Standard threaded rods and screws can be used (see ETA-04/0095 for requirements)

  • Can be flush-mounted: Attached parts can be removed/remounted at any time.

  • The bonded anchor is suitable for cracked concrete (concrete tensile zone) and non-cracked concrete (concrete compressive zone)

  • Hardened injectable mortar largely seals off the drill hole

  • The drill holes can be created using rotary hammer drilling (W-VIZ-IG M6 to M20), dust extraction drill bit (W-VIZ-IG M8 to M20 only dry concrete) or diamond drilling (W-VIZ-IG M8 to M20).

  • Mounting with low expansion pressure allows small spacing and edge distances

  • The geometry of the internal thread anchor allows safe follow-up expansion capability

  • Mechanical drill hole cleaning: Easy handling, very good drill hole cleaning, high working loads

  • Force-controlled/torque-controlled expansion anchors made of galvanised steel in sizes M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and M20

Suitable injectable mortar: WIT-VIZ, WIT-VIZ Express

European technical assessment ETA-04/0095 for fixing point option 1, cracked and non-cracked concrete