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Hollow ceiling anchor W-HD
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Hollow ceiling anchor W-HD

Female thread anchor with metric thread for secure anchoring in hollow-core prestressed concrete ceilings. With technical approval. Steel, zinc-plated

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  • Screws or threaded rods can be used

  • The anchor can also be mounted outside the cavity axis, up to 50 mm from the prestressed strand – maximum flexibility

  • Quick, easy installation – no special tool required

  • Immediate load-bearing capacity – no waiting
  • The cone is separated from the expansion sleeve when the screw or hexagon nut is tightened. - Important: At least three screw/nut rotations are required. Applying the installation torque pulls the cone into the expansion sleeve and expands it

  • Anchoring is only permissible in hollow-core prestressed concrete ceilings with a hollow space width that does not exceed 4.2 times the web width (bH <= 4.2 x bSt)
  • General technical approval Z-21.1-1832

  • VdS approval for fixings for stationary water extinguishing systems (approval no. G 412010)

  • Fire resistance (anchoring base: concrete C45/55 or C50/60): R30, R60, R90, R120: General technical approval Z-21.1-1832, fire protection test report no. (3526/3426)