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Plus Quadro-L Vario hammer drill bit
Plus Quadro-L Vario hammer drill bit - 1
Plus Quadro-L Vario hammer drill bit - 2
Plus Quadro-L Vario hammer drill bit - 3

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Plus Quadro-L Vario hammer drill bit

The perfect solution for reinforcements and hard materials, featuring a symmetrical, one-piece head with four cutting edges and a four-spiral Vario feed helix with core reinforcement

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Significantly improved compatibility with reinforcements

The symmetrical 4 x 90° cutting edge geometry (up to Ø 10 mm with solid carbide head) prevents the drill bit from hooking in or running off centre when striking e.g. reinforcements.

Noticeably quicker drilling

The advanced tip geometry and asymmetrically placed elevations on the cutting edges ensure improved traction.

Perfect drilling properties over the entire service life

  • Head geometry that is tailored to the drill bit diameter

  • 5–16 mm: One-piece carbide element — maximised attachment surface with the steel body gives high stability.

  • 18–32 mm: Multi-piece carbide element for faster drilling progress, and trisection design to improve buffering of torsional forces.

Considerably improved drilling speed and dust removal while at the same time offering increased protection against breakage

Vario spiral conveyor with back that narrows at the front and widens at the rear, as well as sharper angle at the spiral end ensures reduced friction, high stability and maximum transmission of impact energy.

Optimum guidance in drilled hole

Drill bit with four cutting edges and four-spiral geometry to ensure that the bit is guided perfectly into the drilled hole.

Precise spot drilling

The special self-centring tip enables high-precision spot drilling.


Iron reinforcements may only be drilled through with permission from a structural engineer. With long drill bit lengths, pre-drill using a short drill bit of the same diameter.