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Diamond cutting disc Construction site Longlife & Speed RS Plus

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Diamond cutting disc Construction site Longlife & Speed RS Plus

Premium diamond cutting disc specially developed for all construction trades with enormous versatility, extremely high service life and cut quality, maximum cutting speed. The perfect disc for all angle grinders and wall slitting cutters

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Maximum cutting speed as well as extremely clean and precise cutting edges

  • Special wavy, ribbed segment shape and innovative optimised segment technology for a definite increase in cutting speed and cut quality

  • Differently sized layers are matched perfectly to one another, diamonds on alternate sides

Long service life

Segments up to 15 mm

Protection against undercuts primarily in very abrasive materials

Specially arranged protective segments on disc diameters 115 to 150 mm

Optimised dust removal and cooling

The innovative, specially designed fan segments feed in cooling air and transport the dust out of the cut. Special cooling openings with an arrow arrangement serve as additional cooling and as a captive running direction indicator.

Smoother running and more pleasant working conditions

The special, innovative slot geometry reduces uncontrolled vibrations and unpleasant noises while running

  • Diamond cutting discs become dull at excessively high speeds and wear too rapidly at insufficient circumferential speeds

  • If the ease of cutting decreases (indicated by heavy sparking), resharpen the disc in abrasive material, e.g. sandstone, with several cuts

  • Separate larger workpiece cross-sections in several sections (swing cut)

  • Work without pressure — the weight of the machine is sufficient. Increased pressure causes increased wear.

  • Diamond cutting discs are designed for straight cutting. Cutting curves deforms the blade and results in core cracks and segment tear-offs — risk of injury!

  • Although the tool is safe, always wear safety goggles and clothing while working

  • Observe the information on the label (max. speed), restrictions of use and safety instructions

  • The direction arrow on the disc must match the machine's direction of rotation

  • Must not be used for lateral grinding

  • Use the appropriate protective hood

  • Clamping must be performed only by a trained specialist (do not use force, use clean clamping flanges of the same size, perform a test run)

  • If grinding tools are clamped or used incorrectly or are damaged, they represent a danger and may cause serious injury