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Angle bracket type A
Angle bracket type A - 1
Angle bracket type A - 2

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Angle bracket type A

Angle brackets A with reinforcement rib are ideal for high-quality load-bearing wood/wood and wood/concrete connections in timber construction. Universally suitable for standard connections such as intersecting timbers.

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  • Sheet metal hot-dip galvanised on both sides (DX51D + Z275 [approx. 20 µm]) in line with EN 10327:2004

  • Application in utilisation classes 1 and 2 in line with EN 1995:2013
Proof of Performance

European Technical Approval ETA-09/214


The transverse load of the connected timbers must be observed and verified where necessary. Transverse reinforcement can be added using ASSY plus VG full-thread screws.

Diameter of bolt/screw/metal anchor may only be max. 2 mm smaller than the diameter of the hole.

Load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page www.wuerth.de/holzverbinder.

Application area

European Technical Approval ETA-09/214