Pre-wall mounting system VWM

Pre-wall installation system VWM Set

Art.-no. 0479742114

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Pre-wall mounting system VWM

Art.-no. 0479742114

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Pre-wall installation system with mounting brackets designed to be fitted circumferentially for optimal attachment and sealing of windows and doors in front of supporting walls in insulation layers
  • Comprehensively tested pre-wall installation system (system test by IfT Rosenheim)

  • 80-mm to 200-mm overhang possible

  • Simple integration into ETICS through supplied insulation block, mounting bracket VWM can be directly plastered over

  • Reduction of structural thermal bridges

  • Complies with EnEV requirements

  • Mounting bracket can be used flexibly for different window sizes

  • Mounting bracket can be cut with conventional mitre saw

  • Simple assembly and attachment of window element

  • Combined bonded and mechanical attachment for secure load transfers on common application surfaces

  • Optimum and economical sealing of window connection joint within the level of the mounting bracket

  • Optimum noise protection

  • Window replacement possible without damaging the façade/ETICS in case of renovation or repair

System consists of:

Mounting bracket VWM 80 x 80:

Mounting bracket format adapted to popular profile and window systems for characteristic application when window is directly mounted in the transition area between the wall shell and insulation/ETICS.

Mounting bracket VWM 140 x 90:

For overhangs up to 140 mm. Suitable for windows with larger installation depths or windows with roller shutter add-on systems.

Mounting bracket VWM 160 x 110; 180 x 110 and 200 x 110:

Allows particularly large overhangs of 160 mm, 180 mm or 200 mm. Suitable for window installation in front of the supporting wall with 2-shell construction and faced brickwork or if particularly high insulation thicknesses are to be implemented.

Assembly adhesive VWM:

High-quality, neutral and permanently elastic 1C special adhesive and sealant for bonding and sealing the pre-wall mounting system VWM. Good initial adhesion and easy application. Excellent adhesion to common surfaces like

  • Concrete

  • Aerated concrete

  • Clay brick and sand-lime brick

  • Wood

Priming beforehand may be required for porous surfaces.

Ensure adhesion surfaces are dry, suitable, clean, dust and grease-free when applying.

Observe the application instructions.

  • Observe the RAL guidelines on assembly and planning of windows and house doors when planning and assembling (art. no. 5995 000 000).

  • When mounting, special case 1 or, if applicable, special case 2 are to be taken into account, if there are special requirements.

  • It is important to check that installation has been performed correctly for the specific construction conditions (e.g. weight of window casement, surface properties). When planning and selecting suitable fasteners, their properties (e.g. application surface, edge spacings, loads) need to be taken into account.

  • The pre-wall mounting system VWM is not suitable for the attachment of accident-proof glazing in accordance with the German technical regulations for safety glazing (TRAV) or DIN 18008-4.

  • Instructions for processing can be found in the processing guidelines/mounting instructions.

  • Technical data and other product documentation can be found at

Product information

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Application area

The Würth pre-wall mounting system VWM consists of

  • Mounting bracket VWM

  • Insulation block VWM

  • Mounting adhesive VWM

It is suitable for the quick and secure mounting and sealing of window, balcony and terrace doors in front of supporting walls in the insulation layer of the ETICS, with two-shell construction and brick facings.

  • The mounting bracket VWM is bonded to the supporting wall around the full circumference of the window/door opening, sealed and additionally mechanically fastened with a suitable dowel system. The mounting bracket and insulation block are precisely cut with a mitre saw. Offcuts can be further utilised.

  • Connect mounting bracket with wood connector plates and bond joints.

  • The window elements are installed in the mounting frame, aligned and mechanically fastened.

  • The window connection joint is optimally sealed on the surface of the mounting bracket VWM.

  • Finally, the mounting bracket can be covered by the subsequent ETICS and directly plastered over.

Further detailed information on processing can be found in the processing guidelines/mounting instructions.

Dimension VWM

140 x 90 x 1200 mm

Max. throat depth

140 mm

Content (rm)

72 m

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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