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Art.-no. 08755445

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Glazing block

Art.-no. 08755445

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x500 pcs
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For long-lasting, professional frame blocking of glazing units
  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Ageing-resistant

  • Temperature-resistant

  • Optimised rib system for high load-bearing capacity

  • Verified compatibility with conventional glazing sealants (based on polysulphide, polyurethane and silicone)

  • Ventilation channel for vapour pressure compensation (from 32 mm block width and 2 mm thickness upwards)

Notes on application

Glazing must be set in such a way that the glass edges are not overstrained. The glass edges must not touch the frame at any point. The installation position and number of glazing blocks should comply with glazing trade technical guideline no. 3 "Packing glazing units".

Glazing blocks verified as compatible with cured sealants of double glazing edge bond

  • Test report 607 41481/4

  • Tests carried out in line with IfT Rosenheim guideline VE 05/01 "Verified compatibility of glazing blocks" in conjunction with conventional sealants used for double glazing edge bonds based on polysulphide, polyurethane, silicone, Würth Natural Stone Sealant and Würth Glass Active Sealing Compound.

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Block alignment

Blocks should be positioned about one block length from the corners of the glazing units. The distance can be reduced to 20 mm in some cases if the risk of glass breakage is not increased by the frame and the position of the block. Blocks can be positioned about 250 mm from the corners of very wide, fixed glazing units. Glazing blocks must be positioned over a frame fastening point. The number of glazing blocks should be increased accordingly for heavy glazing units.


5 mm


44 mm


100 mm


PP - Polypropylene



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Hazardous Material

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