Fixing bolt anchor W-FAZ/A4

Fixing bolt anchor W-FAZ/A4

Art.-no. 5928408100

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Fixing bolt anchor W-FAZ/A4

Art.-no. 5928408100

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Bolt anchor for high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete. Stainless steel A4
  • High loads, low axial and edge clearance

  • Immediate load-bearing capacity – no waiting times

  • Time-saving push-through installation

  • Torque-controlled expanding A4 stainless steel anchor

Reduced anchoring depth

  • Minimises drilling, time-saving

  • Flexible range of applications
  • Approval ETA-99/0011 for individual attachment, option 1, cracked and non-cracked concrete, seismic performance category C1 and C2 (M8–M20)

  • Fire resistance (M8–M16): F30, F60, F90 and F120; exposure to fire according to DIN 4102-2:1977-09 (uniform temperature-time curve)

  • Fire resistance: R30, R60, R90 and R120; TR020 (included in ETA-99/0011)

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Application area

Individual attachment with approval

Standard concrete C20/25 to C50/60 (cracked and non-cracked concrete, seismic performance category C1 and C2)

For the attachment, e.g. of metal structures, metal profiles, brackets, footplates, supports, cable conduits, pipes, railings, wooden structures, roof beams etc.

Individual attachment without approval

Can be used in concrete < C20/25 and compression-proof natural stone

W-FAZ/A4 (A4 stainless steel) approved for use in dry indoor areas and also outdoors (including industrial atmospheres and coastal areas) or in damp rooms, provided that no particularly aggressive conditions are present.

Metric anchor diameter


Anchor length (l)

165 mm

Max. attachment height reduced (t fix, red)

111 mm

Width across flats

13 mm

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

8 mm

Drill hole depth (h 1)

60 mm

Drill hole depth reduced (h 1, red)

49 mm

Effective anchoring depth (h ef)

46 mm

Effective anchoring depth reduced (h ef, red)

35 mm


Stainless steel A4

Torque during anchoring (T inst)

20 Nm

Through-hole in the component to be connected (d f)

9 mm

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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