Automatic self-adjusting wire stripping pliers

Auto-self-adjust. wire stripping pliers

Art.-no. 0714109010

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Automatic self-adjusting wire stripping pliers

Art.-no. 0714109010

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Fully automatic adaptation to single, multi and fine-wire conductors. No manual fine adjustment necessary.
  • Thanks to the improved blade geometry and metallic clamping jaws, the pliers are very robust and durable

  • Ergonomically shaped 2-component handle for comfortable and effortless work

  • Very smooth mechanical design and low weight

  • Made in Germany

Not suitable for highly flexible and reinforced insulation materials or for multi-layer insulation.

Product information

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Min./max. wire cross section

0.03-10 mm²

Min./max. American Wire Gauge (AWG) (AWG)


Length (L)

195 mm



Material of the grip handle

2-component plastic

Spare parts for this product:

1 x
Replacement blades block


Description: For automatic self-adjusting wire stripping pliers
Quantity: 1 x

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