Anchor rod W-VIZ-A/S

Anchor rod W-VIZ-A/S steel zinc plated

Art.-no. 0905441004

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Anchor rod W-VIZ-A/S

Art.-no. 0905441004

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For injection system W-VIZ/S (concrete). Zinc-plated steel
  • Galvanised steel

  • Push-through installation (M10 to M24) and cotter-pin installation (M8 to M24)

  • High load-bearing capacities, small axis and edge clearance

  • The injection anchor is suitable for cracked concrete (tension zone) and non-cracked concrete (compression zone)

  • The drill holes can be produced by the hammer drilling process (W-VIZ M8 to M24), vacuum drill (W-VIZ M10 to M24) and diamond drilling process (W-VIZ M10 to M24)

  • Attachment with low expansion pressure allows for small axis and edge clearance

  • The dimensions of the anchor rod enable safe expansion performance

  • Mechanical drill hole cleaning: Easy to use, excellent drill hole cleaning, high load-bearing capacities

  • Force-controlled/torque-controlled expanding galvanised steel anchor in sizes M8, M10, M12, M16, M20 and M24

  • The force is transferred via the mechanical teeth of individual cones in the composite mortar and also via a combination of retention and friction forces in the anchoring base (concrete)

Suitable injection mortar: WIT-VM 100, WIT-Express

Clean the hole: 2x blow-out, 2x mechanical brush-out, 2x blow-out

If the drill hole is M20 or larger, blow out with compressed air using the appropriate compressed air nozzles

  • European Technical Approval ETA-04/0095 for individual attachment, option 1, cracked and non-cracked concrete, seismic performance category C1 and C2

  • Fire resistance: F30, F60, F90 and F120

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Application area

The anchor has European Technical Approval for use in reinforced or non-reinforced standard concrete with a strength class of min. C20/25 and max. C50/60 in accordance with EN 206-1:2000-12

Anchorage with European Technical Approval in cracked concrete (tension zone) and non-cracked concrete (compression zone)

Static (e.g. tare weight, fittings, stored materials) or quasi-static (e.g. railings) effects: M8 to M24

Seismic effect, earthquakes (category C1 + C2): M10 to M24

Anchor size M8 to M24: Installation in dry or wet concrete

Anchor size M12 to M24: Installation in drill holes filled with water (exception: W-VIZ-A 75 M12 installation in drill holes filled with water is not permitted)

For use in concrete < C20/25 and compression-proof natural stone (not approved)

W-VIZ/S (galvanised steel) can be used in dry indoor areas

Suitable for fastening metal structures, metal profiles, brackets, base plates, supports, railings, wooden structures, beams etc.

Type description


Metric anchor diameter


Effective anchoring depth (h ef)

60 mm

Attachment height (t fix)

60 mm

Anchor length (l)

135 mm

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

12 mm

Drill hole depth (h 0)

65 mm

Required injection mortar

WIT-VM 100
WIT-VIZ express






Zinc plated

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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