ASSY® 3.0 A2 Chipboard screw

ASSY 3.0 s/s A2 PT, c/s head AW
ASSY 3.0

Art.-no. 018015080

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ASSY® 3.0 A2 Chipboard screw

Art.-no. 018015080

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x100 pcs
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Universal for fixing fences, balconies, walkways, play equipment in permanently exposed outdoor environments.

A2 stainless steel, partial thread, countersunk head, AW drive

Joins wood instead of splitting it

Asymmetrical single-start thread — greater speed, greater traction

  • Low screw-in torque

  • High over-turning force

  • Faster screwing than conventional particle board screws

AW drive – more power

  • Optimal force transmission

  • Excellent fit

  • Rapid finding

  • Screw settles securely

  • Virtually no unscrewing of bit

  • No wobbling

  • No damage to surface coating of screw

  • Only 5 bit sizes for diameters 3.0 to 12.0 mm

Ring thread — less tendency of the wood to split, very few blow-outs

  • Low splitting forces, in particular when screwing close to edges

  • Reduction of screw-in torque

  • Punch effect of ring thread largely prevents blow-outs


Corrosion-resistant, austenitic stainless steel (1.4301; 1.4567)


Pre-drilling to core diameter on solid hard woods

ASSY® 3.0 A2 have limited resistance to acid and are unsuitable for chloride gas-containing atmospheres.

To attach metals to wood, machine a precise cutout in the metal tab.

ASSY 3.0 chipboard screws are optimised for use in wooden materials. If used in plastic anchors, this may cause a reduction in the load-bearing capacity. Therefore, we recommend only using screws without optimised thread tips (drill tip, mating thread, ring thread, serrated edge, self-clearing groove etc.) in plastic anchors, e.g. ASSY D, prefix number 0151 (countersunk head) and prefix 0153 (pan head).

The range of applications of the various stainless steels is detailed in the following table issued by the ISER (German Information Office for Rustproof Stainless Steel, Non-Rusting Steels for Various Environmental Conditions,, Information Sheet 828). Rustproof stainless steels (e.g. material no. 1.4016) are recommended in terms of atmospheric conditions only for use in a rural environment, and in this respect only subject to significant restrictions. We therefore recommend using only austenitic stainless steels for outdoor applications, taking the environmental conditions into account. Stainless steel A4 is especially suitable for use in an industrial atmosphere and for use near the sea.

Available work documents:

Timber dimensioning software, load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page


When using these screws, please follow ETA-11/0190 specifications.

Application area

The ASSY 3.0 A2 made from corrosion-resistant, austenitic stainless steel is designed especially for applications outdoors, in damp rooms and in salty atmospheres


For coniferous wood or wood-based materials made from coniferous wood, the screw connection is made without pre-drilling. To reduce the edge distances, a pre-drilled hole can be made according to the core diameter. When screwing into hardwood, pre-drill according to ETA-11/0190.

Nominal diameter (d)

5 mm

Length (l)

80 mm

Head type

Countersunk head

Head diameter (dh)

9.6 mm

Head height (k)

3.2 mm

Internal drive


Thread type

Wood screw thread

Thread design

Partial thread

Thread format

Single thread

Thread length (lg)

52 mm

Core diameter

3.2 mm

Shape of tip

Tip with ring thread

Angle of the tip

30 Degree


Stainless steel A2



Min./max. screw-in angle

0-90 Degree

Product weight (per item)

6.770 g

Suitable for use in the following materials

Board ply wood (BSP)
Derived timber product

Area of application

Structural woodwork
Wet areas
Board walk
Play equipment



Screw requiring approval




Additional accessory:

Countersunk washer/washer


A1 stainless steel
x 200 pcs

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