Paint finish assortment

Lacquer finish assortment Sysko

Art.-no. 5964089308

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Paint finish assortment

Art.-no. 5964089308

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113 pieces, in system case 8.4.2 for professional treatment of painted surfaces

Innovative, aluminium oxide-based polishes

  • Outstanding removal rate

  • Very quick to work on defective areas

  • High gloss

  • Universal use on all standard top coat paint systems

Latest polish generation

Working with state-of-the-art technology


Ideally suited for mobile use


  • 2 professional vehicle polishes (P10 + P30)

  • 100 P2000 abrasive polishing discs (rip tape) used for removing trapped dust and fine surface defects

  • 1 sanding block set (sanding block, soft interface, abrasive polishing disc moistener)

  • 5 P2000 automotive finishing discs for matting surfaces

  • 2 orange sanding pads, ∅ 90 mm

  • 1 green sanding pad, ∅ 90 mm

  • 1 pneumatic polishing machine with speed control

  • 1 adhesive disc (rip tape), ∅ 75 mm

When using a dry polishing pad, apply a little more polish. Remove the polish residue with a microfibre cloth. Proceed in sections.

The usage instructions are recommendations based on the tests we have conducted and on our experience; we advise conducting your own tests before each application. Due to the wide range of applications and of storage and usage conditions, we cannot guarantee a specific application result. Insofar as our free customer service provides technical information or acts as an advisory service, no liability is assumed in relation to the provision of this service except where the advice or information given falls within the scope of our specified, contractually agreed service or the advisor was acting deliberately. We guarantee the consistent quality of our products. We reserve the right to make technical changes and further develop products.

Product information

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Application area

For professional removal of paint mist, paint transitions and defective areas in freshly painted or hardened top coats. Vehicle treatment. Surface finish.


Shake the polish well before use. Apply a few drops of the polish to the polishing pad and a small amount to the object to be treated. Apply the polishing pad to the object and spread it manually over the surface to be polished. Then start the polishing machine and, applying gentle pressure at 1500–2000 rpm, treat the surface with even movements until the required result has been achieved.

Number of pieces in assortment/set

265 PCS

Paint finish assortment including:

Daisy disc
1 x
Art.-no. 05842000
Description: Micro-fine water sandpaper used for the removal of dust inclusions and fine surface defects.
Quantity: 1 x
Polishing pads
1 x
Art.-no. 0585025090
90 mm
Polishing pads in three different abrasive grades
Quantity: 1 x
Polishing pads
2 x
Polishing pads POLPAD-ORANGE-SOFT-D90X25MM
Art.-no. 0585026090
90 mm
Polishing pads in three different abrasive grades
Quantity: 2 x
Sanding Block Set
250 x
Sanding Block Set SNDBLOCK-KIT-2PCS
Art.-no. 05862000
Description: For use with Velcro or adhesive daisy discs
Quantity: 250 x
Hook and loop fastener Support Plate M6
1 x
Hook and loop fastener Support Plate M6 ADHDISC-HOKLP-M6-WO.HO-D75
Art.-no. 0586585075
75 mm
Special support plate with M6 receptacle for use with compressed air polishers and grinding machines.
Quantity: 1 x
Vehicle finishing disc
5 x
Vehicle finishing disc DSPAP-SG-2000-D75MM
Art.-no. 0587841200
Description: For removing dust inclusions, paint runs, and orange peeling, as well as for fine sanding before polishing and matting of paint surfaces.
Quantity: 5 x
Pneumatic mini polisher DMP 25
1 x
Pneumatic mini polisher DMP 25 POLR-MINI-PN-DMP25 MASTER
Art.-no. 07032330
Description: Small compressed air polisher for repairing minor paintwork damage
Quantity: 1 x
Fast grinding polish P10 Plus
1 x
Fast grinding polish P10 Plus POL-(FASTCUT PLUS)-P10-1KG
Art.-no. 0893150010
P10 Plus
Highly abrasive high-gloss polish for quickly removing surface defects in fresh repairs and fully hardened top coats
Quantity: 1 x
Anti-hologram polish P30 Plus
1 x
Anti-hologram polish P30 Plus POL-(ANTIHOLOGRAMM PLUS)-P30-1KG
Art.-no. 0893150030
P30 Plus
High-gloss finish polish for permanently removing streaks and holograms on dark vehicle paints
Quantity: 1 x
System insert, foam 8.4.2
1 x
System insert, foam 8.4.2 SYSINRT-FOAM-(F.5964089308) SYSTEMKOFFER
Description: For safely storing work tools and products for material processing and machines. Can be used in combination with other system partitions.
Quantity: 1 x
System case 8.4.2
1 x
System case 8.4.2 SYSCASE-8.4.2.
Art.-no. 5581011000
Description: Ideal for flexible storage of small parts, machines and tools used with consumables
Quantity: 1 x